A Variety of Sinks, Perfect for Each Project

At KC Granite & Cabinetry, we offer a wide variety of sinks.

  1. Undermount Sink: These sinks are installed beneath the countertop, creating a seamless, clean look. They are popular for granite, quartz, and marble countertops.
  2. Drop-in Sink: Also known as top-mount or self-rimming sinks, these sit on top of the countertop, with their rim resting on the surface. They are relatively easy to install.
  3. Farmhouse Sink: Also called an apron-front sink, farmhouse sinks have an exposed front panel that extends slightly beyond the edge of the countertop. They add a rustic or vintage touch to kitchens.
  4. Vessel Sink: These sinks sit on top of the countertop, resembling a bowl or basin. They are often used in bathrooms and are known for their stylish and unique appearance.
  5. Pedestal Sink: Typically used in small bathrooms, pedestal sinks consist of a basin on top of a pedestal, with no vanity cabinet underneath. They save space and have a classic look.
  6. Wall-Mounted Sink: These sinks are attached directly to the wall without a vanity or pedestal. They are common in small bathrooms or areas with limited space.
  7. Corner Sink: Designed to fit into corners, these sinks are a space-saving option, often used in small bathrooms or kitchens with an unconventional layout.
  8. Bar Sink: Smaller than standard kitchen sinks, bar sinks are designed for use in home bars or entertainment areas. They are ideal for washing glassware and small items.
  9. Utility Sink: Also known as a laundry sink, these sinks are larger and deeper, designed for heavy-duty tasks like washing clothes, cleaning tools, or bathing pets.
  10. Trough Sink: These long, narrow sinks are often used in commercial settings but have gained popularity in residential kitchens and bathrooms for their modern and minimalist design.
  11. Composite Sink: Made from a blend of materials like quartz, granite, or acrylic, composite sinks offer durability, resistance to stains, and a variety of color options.
  12. Stainless Steel Sink: Known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel sinks are popular in kitchens. They come in various styles, including undermount and top-mount.
  13. Copper Sink: Copper sinks add a unique and rustic touch to kitchens and bathrooms. They develop a beautiful patina over time.
  14. Glass Sink: These decorative sinks are made from tempered glass and come in various colors and designs. They are commonly used in bathrooms.
  15. Fireclay Sink: Fireclay sinks are made from clay fired at high temperatures, offering durability and a smooth, glossy finish. They are often used in farmhouse-style kitchens.
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Brands We Carry

  1. Kohler: Kohler is a well-established and globally recognized brand known for its wide range of kitchen and bathroom sinks. They offer innovative designs and durable materials.
  2. Blanco: Blanco is known for its premium stainless steel and granite composite sinks. They are known for their durability and elegant designs.
  3. American Standard: American Standard offers a variety of sinks for bathrooms and kitchens. They are known for their affordability and reliability.
  4. Moen: Moen is a reputable brand in the plumbing industry, and they offer a range of stylish and durable kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  5. Elkay: Elkay is a respected brand for stainless steel sinks, quartz composite sinks, and more. They are known for their durability and innovative designs.
  6. Kraus: Kraus is appreciated for its high-quality and stylish kitchen and bathroom sinks,
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